Solution overview

A complete solution designed with the aim of enabling fluid and forward-looking prison management.

Concretely, with this system, it is a matter of having a global and clear view of prison staff, stocks of food and medicine available in real time, statistics on categories of prisoners, as well as identity and fingerprints. detainees, arrival and departure dates, below the main sections and functionalities of the solution:

  • Identification of detainees by Acquisition & verification of:
    • Identity data.
    • Biometric data
    • Generation of the Unique Identifier
  • Integration and Acquisition of judicial files:
    • Automatic sentence calculation.
    • Monitoring of the complete judicial history
    • General Call Management.

Overall objective

  • In order to carry out an efficient and effective digitalization of penitentiary establishments and the movement of inmates, Netopia has developed a modern system dedicated to the management, monitoring and evaluation of the inmate's journey, from their incarceration to their release.